Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nipper Gives Birth!

Well at last Nipper the pet ewe wondered off into a quiet corner (in secret, and in the day, and all by herself - so much for all the 3am checks!), and delivered 2 perfect ewe lambs. This is particularly good news as we don't have to eat them. Yeh! they are perfect and spotted and cute, though, a little ugly..... there is something about their dad there. We now have a year to invest in electronic ear tagging equipment.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Sunny weather brings muck spreading and ploughing at last. The seagulls are calling, diving and swooping. Ladybirds on the muck and gorse. Nipper still hasn't had her lamb, this getting up at 3am is getting tiresome!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Castell Henllys

It was a sunny mother's day, and we took her out to have her face painted in ancient woad (wee mixed with blue flowers). With the leeky soupy woodland picnic and the finest of sunshine, it was a March day to behold, added to by the fantastically crafted authentically Celt wonderful iron-age round houses.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Happy day for Gyp

Gyp at Llangrannog, May 2009

When we made our special Nantgwynfaen sausages last week from the Tamworth piggies we had here on the farm, there was the inevitable 'waste' of trotters and heads to deal with. Except that it isn't waste (we don't do waste), we have recycled non-edible-for-human bits into amazing dog food. Really it is not a pretty job, and when you open the lid of the pan which has been gently simmering for a week in the Rayburn and you are greeted with the complete thing, still intact, it takes a large intake of air, rubber gloves on and war-time mentality to take that first plunge. Once started the somewhat messy job isn't so bad, it smells far too good for the dog (lucky Gyp), and only took an hour all told. I would or course rather make marmalade, but that's what's happening later!
I live in my apron, I even watch TV in it, so why did I forget to put it on today, I've made such a mess... oh well..